Unforgettable February 2015

February has been a month of love and momentous occasions for my husband Keith and I. It started off with the celebration of birthdays of family and friends, followed by the life altering addition of our first son, Owen John Mead on February 11th. This one moment was the most challenging and awe-inspiring of my … Continue reading Unforgettable February 2015

Discovery Leads You Home

If you're ever faced with the notion that there's nothing to new to do, life is stale or boring, know that is not the case, and you are feeding yourself excuses and letting negativity control your life. This is your wake up call; There are always because places to discover, new adventures to take and … Continue reading Discovery Leads You Home

Simple Pleasures; The pathway from darkness to your true light

The beautiful thing about life, whether you’re living through a rough period or one of the best moments of your life, there is always something positive, something inspiring happening around you. There is a constant array of lessons, objects, and experiences painting a beautiful backdrop as your life passes by each day. Life will always … Continue reading Simple Pleasures; The pathway from darkness to your true light