Love, Life & Words of Wisdom

To my son, my Lil Bug, my love. I hope that you will always appreciate and be inspired by the beauty that surrounds you. That you will let your creativity, kindness and compassion flow. I hope you will soar to great heights, but never forget to see the beauty in your failures and successes. Explore … Continue reading Love, Life & Words of Wisdom

Take Risks & Create Rewards

I'm going to be completely honest, and a little candid here; In the last few months I've had to "put my money where my mouth is".  I preach being present in life, finding positivity, staying true to yourself, seeing your worth, and ultimately taking risks and doing what you love.  Well it's 2016 and this … Continue reading Take Risks & Create Rewards

On Hard Days…

Laughter and brilliant smiles are always the best medicine.  My Lil Bee always gives me hope on my most difficult and heavy-hearted days. Tickle, giggle, laugh and smile your way back to happy with your little one. Yours, Bee

Mother’s Day Weekend

  It's my first mother's day and I find myself thinking how different my life was before motherhood took over.  I never realized how much greater it could become.  How can you not feel fulfilled with a blessing as beautiful as this?  Thank you lil bee for enriching my life beyond belief. Xoxo Mum