Lets Talk

Today is an important day.  It's a day to talk, a day to be understanding, supportive and help others, most importantly it's a day to end a long standing stigma.  Today is Bells 6th Annual Lets Talk day, a day devoted to mental health awareness and ending the stigmas associated with mental illness.  This is … Continue reading Lets Talk

Mind and Body Beautiful

In my experience there are few things that test your confidence, self esteem and self worth more than having a baby.  I found and still find myself struggling at times with body image and sense of self during pregnancy and after having my young son, Owen.  I can't say I've always been particularly strong in … Continue reading Mind and Body Beautiful

Simple Pleasures; The pathway from darkness to your true light

The beautiful thing about life, whether you’re living through a rough period or one of the best moments of your life, there is always something positive, something inspiring happening around you. There is a constant array of lessons, objects, and experiences painting a beautiful backdrop as your life passes by each day. Life will always … Continue reading Simple Pleasures; The pathway from darkness to your true light