Crossroads of Soul

Honesty prevails yet again, and as always my fear of visual pity from others is overruled by the true purpose of this blog, which is to show a genuine look at my struggles and successes as I navigate my life; exploring my world, overcoming tragedy, finding myself and sharing my journey.  As much as these … Continue reading Crossroads of Soul

bees inspired 30 Days of Thankful : Part 1 (Day 1-10)

Recently I took on a task of noting one thing I was thankful for each day for a total of 30 days. Although becoming a new mum delayed the last 15 days a smidge, they are now completed. Thirty items and actions I absolutely love and how they inspire me. I hope reading through my … Continue reading bees inspired 30 Days of Thankful : Part 1 (Day 1-10)