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There are few things more inspiring than witnessing a child learn, grow or see for the first time. These moments bring you back to a time of pure joy, naivety in the best sense, and the  freedom to just live, learn and love. Learn how to appreciate all the simple and beautiful things life has to offer through the eyes of the little ones around you. I think I may have a drummer and a jumping bean on my hands,  Lil Bee is 3 months old and sure loves music and movement. My view couldn’t get any brighter or more inspiring than this.

Enjoy your little ones and your refreshed and inspired view.

Yours, Bee

Lets Make Music:

Lets Bounce:

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Bees inspired – 30 Days of Thankful: Part 3 (Day 21-30) THE END

Here we go, the final 10 days of bees inspired, 30 Days of Thankful.  I hope you enjoy and are inspired by final ten days as much as I am.  I honestly hope you take your own journey of #30daysofthankful and you recognize and rediscover just how lucky in life you are.  Happy reading. Day 21: Find Your Voice … Continue reading Bees inspired – 30 Days of Thankful: Part 3 (Day 21-30) THE END

A Legacy of Love; My Goodbye to Nannie

In memory of a beautiful spirit, my Nannie.

Bee's Inspired Studio

My Nannie

When I think about Nannie, and her 96 beautiful years of life, I’m not sure how to bring her brilliance and her passion for family to life in words. Nothing I will write will ever be able to sum up the life she has lived, the good she has done, nor the love she has spread, better than being witness to her everyday actions.

Over the past few days I have had time to contemplate the gravity of the situation and the loss that surrounds us, and like many, I find I’m feeling lost and unable to comprehend the idea of carrying forward in a life without her; a life without Nannie standing strongly beside me, encouraging me and loving me every step of the way.

When I find myself troubled over the thought of a life without her, I find comfort in her reunion with her beloved husband, Albert…

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The Language of Dude Feminism

An interesting read. Looking at gender roles and rights of all people.

The sort of language used to assert men’s dominance over women has a pretty recognizable pattern across the cultural landscape. Men, we are told, are in charge of things because they have something women (supposedly) lack: physical strength, honor, higher cognitive facilities, or the mystique of the male organ itself. Women, sadly “lacking” these qualities, need to be “protected” from the all-consuming lusts of strange men.

This can be spun as noble chivalry, brutal domination, or a playful battle of the sexes, but at the root it’s the same: women are denied the freedoms that men take as a God-given right, assigned subordinate status, and coerced into performative gender roles.

In this dialectic, men’s protective abilities and ravaging urges come from the same place and are both aimed squarely at women. Language, of course, did not create the patriarchy, but language is a powerful method of inscribing the possible, shaping…

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