Crossroads of Soul

Honesty prevails yet again, and as always my fear of visual pity from others is overruled by the true purpose of this blog, which is to show a genuine look at my struggles and successes as I navigate my life; exploring my world, overcoming tragedy, finding myself and sharing my journey.  As much as these … Continue reading Crossroads of Soul

Find A Reason to Feel Fabulous – Fifa World Cup Chic

You, like every women out there deserves to feel sexy, beautiful, confident and love the skin you're in. Find reasons to take notice of your true beauty, because you are stunning and it's easy to see! Whether the reason is silly or serious, it doesn't matter, just find an excuse to slip into something sexy … Continue reading Find A Reason to Feel Fabulous – Fifa World Cup Chic

Overdressed? Never!

You are never overdressed, you just look better than everyone else! - Bee Mead A statement to my sister when she was worried about her appearance at a party.  Keep your chin up, know your true beauty!  You deserve to feel beautiful everyday, no matter what you wearing. Bee