Exhale Negativity, Inhale Positivity

There are days, weeks, months that hit in life, and no matter how hard you try you seem to sink, slide and fall deeper into negative vibes.  You try and shake free, but despite your effort  you feel more overwhelmed and heavier with each passing moment. To be completely honest, I'm not living in the … Continue reading Exhale Negativity, Inhale Positivity

Fun & Firsts

This mumma is all about creating new experiences for my Lil Bug.  I'm admittedly more excited about upcoming plays dates, day trips and adventures I've setup for our little man than I he is at times, but I tell myself that's because he's only 1 and has no idea what is planned (that's what I … Continue reading Fun & Firsts

Lets Talk

Today is an important day.  It's a day to talk, a day to be understanding, supportive and help others, most importantly it's a day to end a long standing stigma.  Today is Bells 6th Annual Lets Talk day, a day devoted to mental health awareness and ending the stigmas associated with mental illness.  This is … Continue reading Lets Talk

Simple Pleasures; The pathway from darkness to your true light

The beautiful thing about life, whether you’re living through a rough period or one of the best moments of your life, there is always something positive, something inspiring happening around you. There is a constant array of lessons, objects, and experiences painting a beautiful backdrop as your life passes by each day. Life will always … Continue reading Simple Pleasures; The pathway from darkness to your true light