The Purpose

Welcome to Bee’s Inspired Studio. This is a creative space devoted to writing, creativity, exploration and the creation of beautiful pieces, including home and event decor, favours, invitations, photography and more.

Explore and be inspired alongside Bee, as you discover the beauty of the world around you. Visit our Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Shutterstock pages to see what we are up to, the products we offers, and highlights of our journey and all the inspires us.

The back story…

After a tragic event struck my immediate family, the loss of my young niece, I found myself feeling lost and without purpose. My motivation which was once strong, dissipated. My confidence, self-worth and self-esteem slowly slipped away and I found myself suffering from mild depression. For the first time in my life I felt lost and low, when everything in my life was only getting better.

I am now happily married to the man of my dreams, have a beautiful son, and a loving and supportive extended family. I found that surrounding myself with love and support, and focusing my time on the people and activities I enjoy most helped pull me out of a difficult place in life. The most I focussed on family and the creative outlets I loved, the more alive I became, and the happiness and joy for life began to resurface and continued to grow.

It began with the Bee’s Inspired blog, a space to share my stuggles, stories and inspiration, and has now grown and developed into much more. Throughout my journey I experimented with various design and creative activities and rediscovered my love of photography and design, while uncovering a true passion for writing.

This is when Bee’s Inspired Studio was born. A space to design and create home, wedding and event decor, favours, invitations and so much more. When I intially started I was focussed on hosting the Bee’s Inspired blog, writing was my main outlet, but photography soon became a large part of my daily life. When Bee’s Inspired Studio was launched in 2017, it was only natural that the stock photography side of the Bee’s Inspired Studio was added to the family. This key element in the creative studio blends with the tactile home decor world brilliantly, bringing our products, design ideas and inspiration to life through the photo’s used to showcase our products. Our stock photography also adds vibrancy and life to our blog, as we share our successes, inspiration, trials, and yes, even failures along the way.

We hope you enjoy everything Bee’s Inspired Studio has to offer, whether it be artwork for your walls, favours for your child’s birthday party, decor for your next event or simply a visit to see and read what we are getting up to and what’s inspiring us now. We would love to add some beauty, sparkle, and a little inspiration to your world.

As always, we hope you find strength in our stories, inspiration in our creative products and, thank you, I mean really thank you for visiting Bee’s Inspired Studio.


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