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Welcome to Bee’s Inspired Studio!

I’m Bee and this page is all about me!

I’m an art junkie, and throw myself into any creative experience I can find. I have a passion for anything related to fashion, art, photography, landscaping, interior design, crafting, reading, writing, painting, absolutely anything where I can take the best and worst moments of my day, channel my creativity and create something beautiful. Creativity and exploration are more than a hobby for me, they are a lifestyle.  Between my need to explore and my creative outlets, there’s not much time for anything else (other than parenting, home and work life that is!). They are a constant inspiration and outlet to find peace and the strength required to get me through the ups and downs of my chaotic, yet incredible life.

I’m an 80’s child, passionate, compassionate, introverted and a little quirky maybe.  I’m married to the man of my dreams, my hubby Keith.  He is my rock, my best friend and one of the two greatest gifts I’ve ever been given. If soul mates really do exist (and lets hope they do), he is mine. He’s the person who makes me a better person, and who pushes me in ways I never could.  He is strong in all the ways I am not, and we compliment each other beautifully. He truly is my partner and my better half.  I’m also proud to announce I’m a first time mother to the second love of my life, our little man Owen.  Motherhood has inspired and challenged me in ways I never could have imagined. This stage in my life has greatly impacted how I think, feel, and deal with keeping my confidence strong, how I deal with conflict, view past tragedies, and how I continue to stay positive moving forward.

I’m also blessed to have a supportive and loving family. My mother is a open-minded, artistic, energetic, silly woman, while my dad is devoted man who is a perfectionist at heart, extremely loyal and a true craftsman. It is because of each, that I’ve developed into an artist who thrives on creativity, embraces individuality, who leads with her heart, and may be a bit of a workaholic.  Most importantly they raised a daughter who needs to help others and give back. I’m often referred to as a person with an “old soul” and even though not everyone would embrace that comment, I absolutely love it.  I am proud of it in fact. I was the middle child between two incredibly smart and creative sisters. Our competitive nature pushed us to succeed, and we excelled in different areas of life. We are much alike, yet very different at the same time.  We’re very close, and I can count on them for all the love, encouragement and honest advice whenever I need it. I now am blessed with four adorable nephews, that are nothing but pure joy, a little bit of sugar and spice perhaps, but joy none-the-less, and a beautiful niece who is our angel in heaven and a very important part of my life.  I won the lottery when it comes to my extended family as well, gaining a second set of incredible parents I fondly refer to as Momma & Poppa Mead.  I was blessed with yet another sister and her beautiful family.  Needless to say, I’m one lucky girl!

My entire childhood was spent in a very small town in Ontario, Canada, and after graduation I moved from big city to big city for work. My husband and I have now returned to the burbs after a beautiful stint of small town life.  It was the perfect life surrounded by farmers fields, forests, wildlife and rivers. We miss our country life with our dog, Ruby, and our kitty, Guinness, roaming free, but we will return there soon enough.  In the meantime, we enjoy the suburbs surrounded by friendly neighbours and laughing children, and we continue to escape to the small town, country, and woodland life every chance we get.

With all I’ve told you, it’s probably not surprising that I graduated with a degree in Fashion Design, and started working as a designer in an apparel company immediately after graduation. I loved this position and thrived in that creative environment. I was sad to leave, but eventually moved onto my next role as a Wholesale Account Manager position for a Canadian lingerie manufacturer, Coquette. Here I learned a great deal about myself; that I have a very strong analytical side, not just the creative side (the side I typically relied on throughout life).  I loved the lingerie industry and my sales role.  I loved the monthly travel throughout Canada and the USA, and the experiences and knowledge gained from my customers, co-workers and competitors were so essential in my development.  I’m so thankful for each and every one of them.  After taking the full year for my maternity year, focusing on my most important role yet, motherhood, I return to work in a position that kept me closer to home and my family.  This was one of the toughest career decisions I’ve made to date, but necessary for the happiness and health of myself and my family.  I then worked in a Sales and Project Management role, heading up the custom builds department for a growing business in my hometown.  Here I help a variety of customers, design their marketing, coordinate their projects, custom orders and equipment, ensuring their business success and in the end, the happiness of the end users with beautiful pools and outdoor living spaces.

I’ve now moved on to, Bee’s Inspired Studio.  A new and very personal business showcasing my creative talents.  Offering product lines ranging from home, wedding and event decor, favours, invitations, photography and so much more.  Coupled with the newly updated Bee’s Inspired Studio blog, I’m soaring on excitement for the future and creative journey to come.

I’ve been very fortunate in my life, and I’m thankful for each and every moment I’ve lived.  I’m looking forward to experiencing and sharing my journey, products, struggles, triumphs and inspiration with you along the way.  Until then, you can find me speedily typing on my computer, in my garden digging deep, paint stained at a canvas, hiking with a camera in hand or curled up in the covers with a good book looking for my next source of inspiration and drinking in the happiness that will get me through my next storm.

Please remember to…
Live Happily – Soak in Inspiration – Believe in the Beauty of You – And Never, Ever Stop Climbing Towards your Dreams.  I’m here with you, struggling and succeeding along side you every step of the way.


3 thoughts on “About Bee

  1. Deb Roefs says:

    What better way to bring in Mothers Day by re-reading all your blogs. They are even better the second and third time around. So thankful to be your Momma. Yes I’m blessed to have the three most wonderful daughters in the world. “I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words…how wonderful life is while your in the world”….. ❤

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