On A Breeze

It blew into my life on a warm breeze, it was captivating, a leaf dancing gently in the wind.  With each toss and turn, a new more vibrant and beautiful side is revealed and I become entranced by its movement.  The edges are delicate yet bold, soft yet strong, all it does is entice me.  Its beauty is simultaneously elaborate and subtle. It is breathtaking and brittle and I feel this overwhelming need to protect it, care for it and help fight to ensure its life remains everlasting.

Everything about it is remarkable; from the fine veins that course through it, bringing life to its body of beauty, to it’s ability to grow, evolve, and adapt.  Each ability is inspiring and captivating and I find myself mesmerized by the simplicity in its strength.  There’s no other like it, it’s uniquely designed, lived upon and I feel blessed to be the one who gets to witness it’s flight.  I cant help but feel inspired by the elegance of the life its lived, the grace of its journey before me and I continue to look upon it fondly and it’s future.

The more I gaze upon it the more enchanted I become, the more a fall in love with its intricacy, the depth of colour and it’s ability to make the world around it appear almost more beautiful and more complete. 

It’s in these moments I see the power of this one life, the power it has to give, breathe, and take life.  It’s captivating as it floats and flutters in the breeze, slowly and softly coming to rest upon my feet. 

I pick it up gently, stare at it in wonder, and from that moment on I choose to carry it with me throughout my life.  I keep it close to my heart to inspire, to treasure, to love profoundly and share with me in every moment of my life… 

It’s bound to be a beautiful life when something so brilliant is carried so near to my heart. 



~ taking a moment to look back on love ~

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