Take Risks & Create Rewards

I’m going to be completely honest, and a little candid here; In the last few months I’ve had to “put my money where my mouth is”.  I preach being present in life, finding positivity, staying true to yourself, seeing your worth, and ultimately taking risks and doing what you love.  Well it’s 2016 and this year I’m here to prove it, to live, love and lead by example.

After an amazing 11 months at home with my first son, Owen, I knew it was time to return to work.  My husband was heading back to finish his final term at school, and even though my selfishness begged me to stay home for the full 12 months of my maternity leave, we knew that my return to work was necessary.  That was the most difficult decision I’ve made in a very long time.  That first step back into the real work world was hard, and watching  the first step Owen took towards his own independent life was even harder.  It’s was heart wrenching, as every mother can attest to, but so rewarding to see him blossom at his in home daycare under the watchful eye of an amazing woman.  

After being fortunate enough to find our wonderful daycare provider fairly quickly, this allowed me the time to really focus on me and examine my life, my future as a working mom, a wife, and most importantly, as me, Bee.  It’s here I decided to embrace change and to take big risks.  This is when I began my job search, when I focussed on finding an enviroment which kept me closer to home, one that embraced a work-personal life balance, an employer that saw my true potential and appreciated me for who I am, what I represent, and  everything I could offer.  After a couple months, a handful of phone calls and numerous interviews I found my work haven.  

Within the first interview I knew I found my new home, my new career and focussed soley on achieving what I wanted for my future; and the future I wanted was that Sales and Marketing role, in a company whose culture promoted joy, that was less that fifteen minutes from my home, daycare, and my family.  Everything I wanted was within reach and I only had to take a big risk and leave the comfort of an industry I knew in and out, a great position within a company I worked for seven years, lose the excitement of business travel, say goodbye to my customer base, friends, and coworkers direct support.  It was a huge decision, a massive change, and a very real risk, but after careful thought and consideration of my own personal goals, dreams and families future, I made my decision, and I chose….CHANGE!  

Life is living in the moment, it’s taking risks, it’s setting goals and working towards them, it’s reaching higher, dreaming bigger, discovering the world around you, finding your true self, embracing your natural beauty and life, and growing with every step along the way.  In 2016 I plan to continue along this path, and after only a couple weeks in my new role I already feel at home and know I made the best desicion possible.  I’m blossoming, a new and improved, rejuvenated and inspired Bee has emerged, and I couldn’t be happier.  It has turned out greater than I ever imagined and I intend to ride this wave of positivity into all aspects of my life and throughout 2016.  All risks may not end in reward, sometimes you may falter, but pick yourself back up, try again and again, because taking risks is living.  You won’t always end up on top, but you will never succeed, achieve or improve if you don’t take chances and chase your  dreams.  Don’t let your fear hold you back, you are worthy of the best life, so reach out for it and seize your moment.

May your risks turn into only the best rewards.  May your dreams be brought to life and you realize just how extraordinary you are.  I’ll be growing, reaching and risk-taking right alongside you. Yours, 


2 thoughts on “Take Risks & Create Rewards

  1. Deb Roefs says:

    So glad you have found the time to write again. I’ve missed it. May 2016 be everything you hope for and more! It certainly has started out with a BANG!!! Congratulations Bee.

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