Lil Bees Pick of The Week: Fun with Mumford, I mean Mortimer Moose!

This week our Lil Bees pick is inline with one of his Mums true loves – MOOSE! I’m happy to say my addiction and love of moose has clearly rubbed off on my little man, who has fallen madly in love with Mortimer the Moose, by Lamaze.  Although we have happily named our little moose, Mumford, unaware of his commercial name Mortimer, this little moose has been squeezed, bitten, slobbered on, and thrown right into the chaos of our lives, and the love in our hearts.  


This adorable little moose is a dream for teething babies.  Our little man cannot get his hooves, nose and antlers in his mouth fast enough for his liking.  His antlers are a durable, yellow plastic, perfect for sore gums, where his mix-matched fabric, textured, patterned and brightly coloured feet are perfect for a softer chew.  Our Owen has always been partial to softer toys to chew on and can be found happily munching on the plush fur body of our little Mumford, or his favourite, the hooves!  Each hoof is different in fabrication, some soft and plush, others knit or silky in feeling. He also loves the two different rattles that are hidden in two of the hooves.  There is crinkle fabric that makes a crunching sound hidden within each hoof and both ears as well, and with every bite or grab, our little man beams.  This little moose is adorable, no doubt, and our little man finds a new level of joy with every discovery, like when he first heard the squeaker hidden within Motimers tummy sound out.  Recently he discovered the two plastic rings in place of a tail, and the satin knotted legs and knit scarf.  As he masters the use of his little hands, these key pieces of this little moose made it easier for him to grab, carry, fling, and keep his little friend close by.  These keys pieces seem to be made to fit perfectly in his little hands, allowing him to drop his moose less and me able to focus longer on my tasks at hand instead of his playtime.

Two items of Mumford I love are his embroidered eyes and nostrils, so there is never a reason to worry about small parts becoming unattached that pose a choking hazard, and the c-ring hook which is perfect for hanging your moose above a change table, from a car seat handle or stroller.  For our little man the hook tends to act as another handle, enabling him to keep his Mumford nice and close for a cuddle.  I often find him with his little arms wrapped around Mumford as he sleeps peacefully in his car seat on long drives.


Mumford has a special place in this moms heart for another reason, not only because of my love of moose, but because this was the first toy that could entertain my little grump for an entire car ride should he choose to fight sleeping and stay awake.  There are trips I can hear the sounds of crinkling, rattling and chewing from the backseat without being interrupted by screams.  In these moments I just smile and think how lucky I am to have found our little moose and for my little mans new focused attention.  To be completely honest, our moose Mumford never is far from sight.  He travels with Lil Bee and I wherever we go; from room to room, the grocery store, to family functions and road trips alike.  He is our cutest travel companion yet.


If my review and our Lil Bee’s love of Mortimer Moose doesn’t sell you on this toy enough, I should tell you my five month old nephew, Marrec, has also claimed Mortimer as his most favourite toy.  The two boys can be found interacting with each other at family functions with matching moose in hand – how adorable!  Maybe this love of moose just runs in the family, or maybe there really is something very special about Mortimer Moose.  I think Lamaze just nailed this plush little teether right on the head!



You can find this adorable moose in store at Toys R Us, or online at Snuggle Bugz by clicking the link below:

Mortimer the Moose, By Lamaze

Or try the alternate, yet equally adorable version of Mortimer, found at Chapters: 

Mortimer the Moose Turned Purple

I hope you and your little one take a happy bite out of teething with your own adorable and attention grabbing Mortimer Moose.

Enjoy your crinkling and quiet time!

Bee & Lil Bee




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