Lil Bees Pick of The Week – Drum Line to Discovery

This week our Lil Bee has been in musical heaven and following in his fathers footsteps, a knack and love for the drums has been unveiled. Whether spending his time admiring the lights, banging on the drums to create sounds, hear numbers, colours, songs, or simply chewing on any and every piece he can get his hands on, his love continues to grow.     


The Baby Einstein Discovery Drums are a fun and interactive way for your 3 month old or older  to learn and master their hands, coordination and even begin to associate words with colours and numbers.  The primary coloured drums are also numbered,  and depending on the setting selected will light up and sound out with the colour or number associated with the drum your little one has tapped. Cheerful melodies will continue to flow following the colour or number to keep your little ones interest peaked and ensure playtime continues on its merry way.  If you’re just in a musical mood, switch the setting to drum and watch your little one hit away and create their own unique song just for you.  A neat feature is the language setting which allows you to choose between English, French or Spanish, giving your little one even more to learn. 

As an added bonus, the drum set is very durable (it’s been dropped multiple times) and provides your little one with lots of enjoyment as he or she grows. It’s easy to pack and carry with its adorable caterpillar handle and easy on and off switches for noise free travel.  It’s battery life is long and the price is very affordable, coming in at around thirty dollars or less.  It doesn’t get much better than fun and affordable! 

Find Lil Bees favourite drums at Toys R Us by clicking the link : Baby Einstein –  Discovery Drums

Enjoy drumming with your little ones. 


Bee & Lil Bee




2 thoughts on “Lil Bees Pick of The Week – Drum Line to Discovery

  1. Janice Mead says:

    We put musical instruments and books in their wee little hands as soon as possible! Lorien and Keith’s grandma found a book that was also a piano….many hours and years of fun!

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