Lil Bees Pick of the Week – Clickity Clacking Love at First Bite

Our Owen sure is exited to share his first “Lil Bees Pick of The Week”.

While navigating the aisles of our local Toys R Us/ Babies R Us in search of teething toys and new noise making toys for our growing Lil Bee, Owen quickly passed judgement on all the toys I dangled in front of him.  While most peaked very little interest, or he just blatantly ignore,  this clickity- clacking noise making teether instantly caught his eye.  There was no doubt this was his pick, and you couldn’t pry the toy from his grip or his bite.  This instant love inspired our new blog section, Lil Bees Pick of The Week, and we couldn’t be more excited to start.  

 The item that created this instant love connection, was a silly yet cute looking little toy created by Skip Hop called the Rattle & Play Tug & Clatter Key.  Its shape isn’t anything specific, just loops, and circles that clearly entertain the fussiest of babies.  This toy is perfect for teething babies with its textured key, which is light weight and can be easily grabbed and put straight into a babies mouth for chewing.  It’s also great for babies like Owen who is  3 1/2 months old and beginning to master the use of his hands.  He spends most of his day exploring textures and noises, and lights up and smiles with each new discovery.  This toy also has a plastic bar with plastic flower shaped beads on it, that click and clack with the slightest movement.  It also has textured fabric loops that act as handles and make crackle noises with every grab.  There is also a c hook so you can hang this cutie anywhere you like, like on your car seat or stroller handlebar.  The decorative ribbon tabs, bold patterns, and textured fabrics make this toy fun to feel and see, and it even has a bungee section so the toy almost dances with every bump of the stroller or grab of your little ones hand.   This toy is still his favourite, and imagine it will be for some time.  I’m not complaining about this little noisemaker ever, as it was very affordable and it makes my little man so happy, and that’s all I could ever ask for.

Click the name to buy or learn more about this Skip Hop Rattle & Play Tug & Clatter Key, that can be purchased at Toys R Us. 
With every toy, object or place my little man discovers and falls in love with, I find my heart swells, I see more beauty in the world and my appreciation of the little things grow.  Every day with him, witnessing his growth, inspires me further, and my growth develops also.  Without him I would not be making the progress I have in finding my confidence, sense of self, strong mental health and wellness, and an overall healthy lifestyle.  I hope this clickity-clacking, loopity-looping, key-teething, colourful, baby distracter by SkipHop is adored by your baby as much as it is by our little man. May you enjoy the giggles and smiles sure to break out during playtime, and may your mind, body and soul grow because of it as well.

Happy Playing, 

Bee & Lil Bee


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