Witness to Growth

There are few things more inspiring than witnessing a child learn, grow or see for the first time. These moments bring you back to a time of pure joy, naivety in the best sense, and the  freedom to just live, learn and love. Learn how to appreciate all the simple and beautiful things life has to offer through the eyes of the little ones around you. I think I may have a drummer and a jumping bean on my hands,  Lil Bee is 3 months old and sure loves music and movement. My view couldn’t get any brighter or more inspiring than this.

Enjoy your little ones and your refreshed and inspired view.

Yours, Bee

Lets Make Music:

Lets Bounce:

4 thoughts on “Witness to Growth

  1. Aunt Sharon says:

    I will bug you forever to make sure these beautiful writings become a book one day. You have such a gift Britt.

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