Bees inspired – 30 Days of Thankful: Part 3 (Day 21-30) THE END

Here we go, the final 10 days of bees inspired, 30 Days of Thankful.  I hope you enjoy and are inspired by final ten days as much as I am.  I honestly hope you take your own journey of #30daysofthankful and you recognize and rediscover just how lucky in life you are.  Happy reading.


Day 21: Find Your Voice & Find Your Strength. This is a cause and struggle near and dear to my heart; mental health awareness. Support myself and the many others who fight against and overcome the struggles and stigmas of depression, anxiety and other forms of mental illness every day. Find your voice, find your strength, and always, always know; you are not alone.  Please seek help, show support, show love and help others.  #bellletstalk


Day 22: New Stage, New Self (discovery)! My mum always told me that roughly every ten years you evolve and grow into new person, and she couldn’t be more right! You’re still the same person at heart, but you become a changed, evolved version of yourself, and a new unique person in many ways.  As the stages of my life come and go, I see myself emerge a new person. Each stage is beautiful and challenging, and with each passing year I develop into a more understanding, compassionate, strong woman, and I couldn’t be prouder. Through the struggles and success I become a better version of myself and I love and embrace each new stage and new self. Self discovery is an empowering thing, and something I’m extremely thankful for!  Looking forward to finding a more confident, empowered, freer and more adventurous version of myself in my thirties. Enjoy your new stage and new discoveries!


Day 23: Celebrations! Life is beautiful and even more beautiful when you’re surrounded by loved ones in celebration.  Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, new baby or any other celebration, the joy and sense of togetherness is always present. I am thankful for each opportunity I have to celebrate with those nearest and dearest to me, and to be surrounded by the same people during my greatest moments.  Life is short and oh so sweet; be proud of your milestones and others as well.

24 blog

Day 24: Naps! There are few things in the world better than a cat nap, and as a new mom I have a new-found respect, overwhelming love and need for napping. This may sound like a silly thing to be thankful for, but after the perfect nap you feel rejuvenated, inspired, and refocused.  I have endless energy and get more done immediately following a nap than the many hours before! This mum has learned and mastered the art of napping from her now 3 month old baby boy.  Be sure to take lessons from the little people in your life, I have leaned they are the very best of teachers. May your afternoons be filled with the most relaxing and rejuvenating sleep of your life! Happy zzzzz’s!

25 blog

Day 25: Water!  Whether I’m walking on the beach beside the ocean, diving into the lake at the cottage, fishing at the local pond, dipping my toes into a peaceful river,  or floating in a backyard pool, my heart is full of peace and I couldn’t feel happier or more at home. I am thankful for the joy water brings to my life, to the nourishment it gives and the life it creates. Without water we wouldn’t exist and without water my life would be lacking. I will always be a fish at heart! May your paddling, boating, and floating down the river be forever fun!


Day 26: Colour! Not one person can deny that colour adds beauty to everything it touches! The world is beautiful simply because of colour and the colourful things that surround us. Looking at the first vibrant daffodils and tulips pushing through the spring soil, the colourful Chinese lanterns hanging boldly at an evening party, or the cotton candy coloured sunsets bringing the day to close, brings me peace, appreciation and happiness. Whether bright or muted my world is blissful because of colour and I couldn’t be more thankful for my ability to see and appreciate how lucky I am to witness their beauty! Here’s to the colour splashing across the backdrop and in the foreground of our lives!


Day 27: Football on Film! I can’t say I’m an avid football fan. I don’t watch games every Sunday, and I don’t follow a specific team, but when it comes to football movies or TV shows watch out! This is my guilty pleasure and one I can’t even explain. These seemingly silly and unimportant likes can have a bigger impact on your life than you think. The simple pleasures and yes, guilty pleasures add up and fill the cracks in your life with joy. Fill up your free time with the little things you love. Your life will be infinitely happier! To note – you will not be disappointed watching the movies; we are Marshall or The Blindside, nor my newest addiction, the TV series Friday Night Lights. I love Netflix!


Day 28: Design! I am thankful for my eye for design, something I learned from my Mum. It has aided me through years of schooling, art classes, hobbies, careers and volunteer work. Design is a huge part of so many fields which we unknowing witness every day, and has grown to become a challenging and rewarding part of my life.  Ultimately it has become one of my greatest loves.  It touches almost all aspects of my life from decorating my home, creating costumes, planning and planting my garden, picking out Owens newest outfit and capturing it on film, or simply painting a picture.  Design is a passion of mine and will always be an important and inspiring part of my life. Creating unique and beautiful things will continue to enrich our lives and everyone around us, so be sure to appreciate, admire and enjoy the beauty! I’m always keeping design n mind!


Day 29: Family & Friends (aka extended family). Much like a tree, our relationships with those closest to us, grow stronger and mature with each passing day. I am thankful for each of my family members and friends for their never-ending love, support and strength. Whether I see you often or visits span years, you are loved and appreciated by me every day of my life.  My life is filled with endless beautiful memories and experiences I have shared with each of you. These bonds are constantly changing and adding light to my life. My life would truly be empty without each of you in it. Cherish those closest to you, and be sure to grow together in times of struggle and celebration!


Day 30: Hobbies! It’s the last one, and it’s a little sad.  Hobbies, well I definitely have a handful, baking, cooking, reading, appreciating or making art, exploring nature, and gardening to name a few favourites. Our hobbies, our passions, they add greatly to our lives. They bring us joy and leave us with a sense of accomplishment and self-love. Doing the things we love increases confidence and self-worth.  It’s important to make time to do the things you love; because it’s crucial for your mental health and overall happiness.  The times when we do the things we love most, create moments of self-reflection, appreciation, escape and healing. Take care of yourself by embracing your favourite hobbies and enjoy your free time.  Happy Hobbying!

I hope after reading about my 30 days of thankful, you are inspired to take your own journey. Enjoy discovering just how fulfilling your life is.  Be thankful 🙂

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