Bees inspired – 30 Days of Thankful: Part 2 (Day 11-20)

Here comes the next 10 days of bees inspired, 30 Days of Thankful.  I hope you enjoy and are inspired by part 2 as much as I am.  Happy reading day 11 through 20…


Day 11: My Inner Child! When an opportunity for my inner child to come out and play arises – I TAKE IT! These are some of the moments I am most thankful for. Those special moments; like our trip to Disney or simply flying through the air on a swing set create more freedom, relief from stress and pure joy than almost anything. Embrace your inner child again and radiate happiness straight from your soul.


Day 12: Craft Projects! As I mentioned before, I’ inspired by creativity in many forms. Crafting, whether it’s designing and sewing a fashion collection, creating handmade flowers for a bridal bouquet or flower girl dresses, or even refinishing an antique piece of furniture, I find such fulfillment and happiness while doing it. Crafting or creating in any form is a constant challenge, inspiration and a true passion in my life.


Day 13: Soul mates!  Although many would argue they don’t exist, and I may have even believed this at times myself, the moment I met my husband I realized soul mates do exist. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect partner. Keith, you are my best friend, the greatest gift I’ve ever been given, the love of my life.  Out of everything this world has to offer you are the one thing I am the most thankful for!


Day 14: Face time! This tool is essential for my happiness while I’m away on work trips across North America or when my hubby heads out west to work at the mine.  This allows me to stay connected with those I love. The added bonus is the visual component. There is nothing like seeing the face of a loved one, a phone call or text message cannot even compare.


Day 15: Flying! I am thankful for flight for two reasons; I love how it offers a new perspective, it’s humbling and inspiring all at the same time.  There is nothing quite like the view from a plane and its forever changing. The second reason I’m thankful for flights are the endless opportunities and adventures it puts within our reach. So many worlds and new discoveries are only a short or long flight away, all you have to do is take a leap of faith and find a new adventure.


Day 16: Our little man (aka our baby bump then lil bug)! I’m thankful for one of life’s greatest gifts our baby to be. There is no greater joy or experience in life than your children. Despite having a difficult pregnancy, full of ups and downs, never ending complications and many discomforts, nothing could snuff out the light created by my little man! I am so thankful for him and even more excited for the future.


Day 17: Antiques! My love of antiques is forever growing and deepening. Finding a hidden treasure or seeing the true beauty in something restored, old, or something that has just lived, brings me nothing but joy. Antiques are true treasures that should be shared and celebrated. Think of the untold stories and the beautiful history of their past lives. The inspiration is endless!


Day 18: Lucky during unluckiness!  I’m thankful for my knack at being lucky during unlucky situations! I’ve always seemed to end up fairing quite well in instances that could have been extremely bad! Yay for some sort of luck! Example if you’re going to run into debris in your Acura TL on a 400 series highway at eight months pregnant, you better hope to be lucky enough to drive away without injury!


Day 19: Moose! For those of you that know me well, you know my love of everything moose! Seeing live moose at the zoo, stuffed animals, knickknacks, artwork you name it, I love it! They are even painted on the wall in my sons’ nursery! I am thankful for my love affair with moose, that one thing that always brings a smile to my face.. Those adorable faces always bring me joy – it’s an addiction.  Now if only I can see then free and I the wild. The chase continues…


Day 20: My Nephews! Just one look at these three cutie pies and you instantly know why I’m thankful for these little men Not only am I head over heels in love with each of them, I’m blessed to have them in my life. They bring me nothing but joy, happiness, laughter and smiles, and I’m a better person just by being witness to their growth and their lives! I love you Fletcher, Blaez and Marrec, you have all stolen your Auntie Britty’s heart. xoxo

I look forward to sharing the final ten things I a most thankful for with you soon!



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