bees inspired 30 Days of Thankful : Part 1 (Day 1-10)

Recently I took on a task of noting one thing I was thankful for each day for a total of 30 days. Although becoming a new mum delayed the last 15 days a smidge, they are now completed. Thirty items and actions I absolutely love and how they inspire me. I hope reading through my inspiration will inspire you to take action or heal within your own life, and maybe complete your own thirty-day challenge of being thankful as well. You can also view these on Instagram by following @beesinspired or on Facebook by liking the bees inspired page,  Here we go…

bees inspired – 30 Days of Thankful: PART 1 (Day 1-10)


Day 1: Creativity! Whether inspired by artists, musicians, art projects or past work, creativity is a constant source of inspiration. Without the beauty of those creative minds in action or their end creations my world would be a little less colourful and a lot less inspiring! I am thankful for creativity.


Day 2 – Achievement!   Whether reaching large goals or small, achievement at any size inspires and motivates me to push forward, grow more and climb higher! Buying our first home or paying off my pesky college debt, both achievements were equally rewarding and freeing which left me feeling inspired!


Day 3 – Laughter! Whether I’m overwhelmed by hysterical laughter watching a favourite stand-up comedian or movie, giggling at my husband’s crazy antics, or laughing at my nephews newest adventure as a toddler tornado; laughter is and always will be one of my greatest joys in life. It’s freeing, relaxing, rejuvenating and a healer of heartache.


Day 4: #adventuresofbrittandruby (yes, this is a hashtag)! Whether my dog Ruby and I are exploring our backyard, local trails, conservation area, taking a long car ride, just hanging out at home or taking a dreaded trip to the vet; my time exploring with her are some of the most inspiring and memorable adventures of my life. The companionship and love experienced while wandering and spending time with your dog will never be remembered with regret. Find freedom and unconditional love with your puppy dog. Check out our many adventures at #adventuresofbrittandruby!


Day 5 – My Mum aka Support Systems! I am thankful for the people in your life who recognize your troubles, show up and heal your heart before you even realize you’re hurting. My example, when my mum shows up at my house at 10pm, the first night after my husband is suddenly called away for work for over 3 weeks (with only ten hours notice)! Mums really do know how to mend a broken heart.  Plus, any mum time is a good time.


Day 6: Angels! I am thankful for the beautiful spirits who blessed our lives as they walked beside us on earth and now watch over us from above.  Loving, missing and cherishing the sweet angels who watch over me each and everyday.


Day 4:Freedom Drive aka Road Trip aka Adventure Tour! When looking for something to soothe my soul, I simply hit up an empty highway or back road, turn up the tunes, roll down the windows and just let the wind fly through my hair. I find myself again with every twist and turn of the road ahead. These simple moments are amazing stress relievers and help me find my center again! This is true freedom!


Day 8: Finding a New Path! One of the most beautiful things about life is there’s always a new path waiting to be discovered.  Life is made up of endless opportunities, so when you find yourself feeling lost, look for a new path to renew your spirit and rediscover true happiness.


Day 9: The Seasons! I am thankful for the opportunity to live in Canada, where I get to witness the beauty of all four seasons. Each is so different, but all have the ability to inspire and leave you feeling in awe! Spring, summer, winter, fall – although you have your positives and negatives, I wouldn’t want a year to pass without each of you!


Day 10: Adorable Creatures! I’m not going to lie, on the crappy days puppies, micro pigs or baby anything instantly bring a smile to my face. It may seem silly, juvenile or oddly simple, but how can you not feel a little brighter after looking at this face! I’m beaming already just scrolling by it.

This brings us to the end of “bees inspired – 30 Days of Thankful” Part 1. Stay tuned for Part 2 (Number 11 through 20) coming soon!

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