Meet Our Owen

  Welcome to the new page on bees inspired, “baby bees”.  It seemed only right to start off this new adventure with an introduction to the man, or should I say little man, who inspired it all! 

Meet Owen, the second man to enter my life in the last few years and completely twist and turn it upside down, and only for the better. (The first was his father, not surprising he’s a handful just like him hehe!)

Owen is a happy little boy, who’s sure to brighten any room when he smiles. He quite literally beams with those cheeky grins, bright eyes and oh, the dimples.  He can be a bit off a grump when he’s hungry or tired, or more importantly separated from mum for too long, but as much of a pain it can be, I secretly love that he’s a momma’s boy, and I’m going to cherish every second of it while it lasts. 

Owen has changed my life completely. My views have changed, my hobbies, my daily life, my grocery list, and yes, even my sleep schedule.  The beauty of being a mum, especially a first time mum, is that your challenged and inspired on a level you could never have expected or prepared for, and for every reason, that is wonderful. I have never been pushed further, and because of that, I have never grown more. 

I hope you enjoy reading how our challenges, adventures, miss-steps and experiences continue to inspire and aid me along my path of healing, improved self confidence and personal strength. 

I’m so excited to have you, and my lil bug, or should I say lil bee, Owen, is so happy to meet you. 


Bee & Lil Bee

A look into the first twelve weeks with Owen:   






One thought on “Meet Our Owen

  1. Janice Mead says:

    I am so very proud of you Brittany! You are wonderful and loving parents! You and Keith have given us the most precious gift in this little man. We are very much in love with Owen and are excited to go on this journey with you and watch him grow into a beautiful man like his daddy!

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