Discovery Leads You Home

If you’re ever faced with the notion that there’s nothing to new to do, life is stale or boring, know that is not the case, and you are feeding yourself excuses and letting negativity control your life. This is your wake up call; There are always because places to discover, new adventures to take and new lessons to be learned, and you can find all of these things close by, if not only a few steps away.

My latest adventure, and one of my new favourite places was a discovery made with my husband in the beautiful town of Ayr, not fifteen minutes away. Watson pond and Centennial Park instantly stole a piece of my heart with it’s quaint buildings, beautiful ponds, rivers, trails and the warm people of the community eager to share their fishing tips, stories and kind remarks. Community is an amazing thing, something to be treasured and appreciated, and this pond and park located right in the middle of a picturesque little town, filled with nothing but friendly strangers and warm smiles reminded me of that.

As always, I hope new lessons are discovered in all your new adventures, that you find the strength to find a new place that brings you joy and peace, or that your reminded of the blessings you already have, but may have forgotten or neglected through troubled times.

I encourage you to discover beautiful places and people, to discover a community, a village and a place that makes you feel even better, stronger, happier and more at home than you thought possible. Enjoy every journey near and far, I will be striding along beside you.


Take a picture-sque walk through Cenntenial Park with me using the captured images of my life:

One thought on “Discovery Leads You Home

  1. Janice Mead says:

    I love the idea of new discoveries! Quite a few years ago, John and it started “geocaching”. It got us out and off the couch and discovering the most beautiful hiking woods. It was a great way to spend a Saturday, recharge our batteries and destress from a very complicated time in our lives. Loved spending time together and watching our funny little beagle also enjoy the adventure with us.

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