Goals: Set your Spring & Summer Essentials

Now that the winter had faded into nothing but a memory, and the beauty of spring and summer are blooming in front of each of us, take this opportunity to refresh your list of goals and tally your achievements large and small. Taking a few moments to recognize the goals you achieved through the winter, and the confidence they create in you, may be the push and drive you need to aim even higher to reach your new goals you weren’t so confident you could reach in the past.

Recognize your strength, your gifts, your skill sets, but most importantly recognize your end goals; what you want to achieve for you, for your life, career and for your happiness. Now breakdown your larger goals into smaller goals that will work as steps that you will continually achieve, boost you confidence and will ultimately lead you to reaching your larger end goal. By breaking down large goals into smaller steps/goals, the goal seems less daunting or unachieveable. Smaller goals are a great method to working towards the bigger picture while encouraging and creating confidence and motivation with each step achieved.

Don’t be afraid to take risks, to aim high, or even to fail. Life is an experience of growth, learning, living and love. Explore and achieve, and remember no matter whether you complete only one of your goals or all of them, there are lessons, growth and discovery in every success or failure. Work towards your goals and enjoy the personal growth, discovery and increased confidence that comes with every achievement.

Two weeks ago, I wrote my list of goals for spring and summer this year – some are already in progress, others have yet to be started. I hope they inspire you to take your own journey, set your own goals and strive to find your true self and true happiness.

Spring/Summer accomplishments – with a health, art and exploration theme!

1. Become Nicotine Free; Quit Smoking and beat the nicotine addiction, no nicotine replacements allowed. This is in progress, I quit cold turkey, over one week down and the battle continues.
2. Buy a bike and hit the road every week; explore local trails I have yet to travel.
3. Do yoga outside in the elements on a regular basis; find my spiritually and centre through yoga, meditation and nature.
4. Travel to a new place in the USA & in Canada; I’ve currently knocked off half of this as I spent today traveling to Dauphin, MB for the first time, and will remain here for another day. Canada is off the list, and I have loved exploring it in my down time after work.
5. Go swimming in something other then a pool; Ie. lake, ocean etc
6. Buy a house with my husband; get all the financials finalized and buy our new dream home.
7. Go away with my husband; go on a special romantic vacation with my hubby. Time makes no difference, a weekend, and week or more, whatever we can manage.
8. Bring out my inner road warrior; run as much as I can and try to increase my continuous run time.
9. Embrace my inner a artist and Paint more; create two works of art! Try a new medium.
10. Find my perfect camera & make life picture perfect; practice my photography and expand my life in images on my blog.

I may not achieve all of these, but I will work hard to get there. Some goals are big goals I’ve spent years working towards through the setup on smaller goals, like buying a house. Other goals like those revolving around fitness, are working towards larger goals, an end goal of a healthier lifestyle and personal fitness goals.

May your spring and summer be filled with acheviement, direction, discovery and learning. I hope the return of the fall brings with it nothing but pure happiness and the discovery of your true confidence.

Working towards goals alongside you.







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