Improve Your Swing & Self Worth

Every Wednesday I leave work and head to the Meadows Golf Club to take part in a Women’s golf league. This new challenge I’ve added to my spring and summer routine over the past two years has filled me with so much joy. I get to spend time with inspirational women, like my mother-in-law and friends. I meet new people daily and escape from the pressures and routine of work and home life.
Golf for me has always been something I loved doing, and always found challenging in the best possible way; new courses were always a never ending adventure. With golf, no two days are the same, it takes continuous prActice to improve your skills, and some days practice is not help at all. Extreme patience is needed on the trying days; the days no bounce ever works in your favour, and perseverance to get through the rough patches, sand traps and endless hazards are necessity. Golf for me is an adventure, a challenge, a focus, a strength, a love and a passion. It’s ability to pick me up, relax me, force me to live in the moment, and let go the dramas in life will forever aid me throughout life. If golf is not your thing, that’s completely ok. I just find freedom in the fresh air, the physical exertion, the long walks, wind in my hair, sun on my face, or the sweet scent of flowers that linger in the air. That is pure joy and rejuvenation for me. Your joy may come in the form of painting in an art class or on your own, in reading and discovering through words, or in the beauty of movement and musicality through dance. Whatever your passion, maybe you have more than one like me, be sure to make time to involve it, or them, in your life on a weekly basis, aim for 3-4 times a week though, if only for an hour or two each time. These moments will keep you feeling centred, feeling positive, and will encourage the growth of personal appreciation, confidence and self worth within you.

Enjoy my snapshots on the course, and embrace the beauty and the positive influence your own passions will create in your life.
Wishing you endless positivity, time to enjoy the activities most important to you, and may your true confidence, self love and the real you blossom through each experience. Wishing you happiness.


Ps- you do not have to be an expert in the passion you choose to pursue. Feel free to try something new, to not be the best right from the start, and to have the opportunity to grow and learn over time. My first two rounds on the course this year were some of the highest and worst scores I have ever had, that’s a bad thing, but it did nothing to deter my personal growth. My time was nothing but joyful, despite my poor play.
How good you are at your chosen activity is not important, how much you enjoy doing it is!

One thought on “Improve Your Swing & Self Worth

  1. Janice Mead says:

    It has been a blessing to me to share this fun little distraction of golf with you! Also side benefit is I can secretly watch you and get some cool tips……cause I really need them. Lol

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