A Must Read; Morning Sunshine, by Robin Meade

This is my very first post from my list of “Required & Inspired” items, and I chose to tell you about “Morning Sunshine! How to Radiate Confidence and Feel It Too”, by Robin Meade.

I was given this book from a co-worker, when they learned of struggle with anxiety, self-worth and depression. This book is an inspiring tale of Robin Meade’s, a HLN news anchor, struggle and experience with anxiety and loss of confidence. Her book is designed to inspire and lead you on your own journey of self discovery, helping you radiate confidence in every aspect of your life.
She clearly points out that she is not a medical professional, yet with her words and honest depiction of her experiences she takes your hand like she’s an intimate friend and informs you of her own journey. Throughout the book she speaks candidly of her inspiration, struggles and the steps taken to fight back against her anxiety and all the side effects that transpire when you’ve lost your confidence.

I recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with anxiety issues, depression or lack of confidence. She speaks frankly and honestly, and the truth in her words and her advice, leave you feeling inspired and ready to face your fears. She gives detailed advice on steps anyone can take to improve their self-confidence, and although you may not be inspired or encouraged to follow all of her advice, I believe you will be inspired to apply at least some of her tactics to your everyday life. I found aspects of this book rang so true to my life, a life suffering from anxiety and personal struggles, and because of the similarities it left me feeling understood, not forgotten, and inspired to take action. The knowledge and increased motivation I received after reading or re-reading this book, continues to influence and factor into my life. When I feel like my self-esteem is starting to dip, or I hit a difficult point in my life, I reach for “Morning Sunshine”, and remind myself of who I want to be and am inspired to get there.

Check out your local independent bookstore, chapters or any bookstore; look up Morning Sunshine, because through Robin Meade’s journey, you will be inspired to find your true self and radiate confidence.

I hope you find comfort as you flip from page to page. That after completing the final chapter and closing this book for the first time, you awake with the courage and strength needed to find your confidence and true happiness. Happy reading!


Find “Morning Sunshine” by Robin Meade at Chapters –

Morning Sunshine, by Robin Meade - Ft Cover

Morning Sunshine, by Robin Meade – Ft Cover

**Please Note – the comments made are solely based on my views and opinions, not those of the writer, publisher or any other member related to this book. The above blog post is based on my personal opinion only.

One thought on “A Must Read; Morning Sunshine, by Robin Meade

  1. Janice Mead says:

    The book I talked about to you today was called One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Another inspirational book. Also another book I read you might enjoy is called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Both with good advice and both from deeply personal motivation. (I have copies of both if anyone is interested in reading them…happy to pass them along!)

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