Style Me Strong

Oh Fashion, what a wonderfully delicious, yet overwhelming idea. The beautiful thing about fashion is there is no limit to how far it can take you. Whether you’re working in the fashion industry, staying on top of the latest trends, or you’re the type to break apart from the rest and create your own unique style, there is no limit to what you can do with it. The fashion industry is constantly evolving, new trends are born every day, and others are lost, and if you wait long enough, those trends you used to love, and then learned to hate, will be reborn again. You will fall in love all over again, or maybe curse the return of some of the most ridiculous styles that manage to reappear. No matter the path it takes, fashion is and can be for everyone. Whether you are intentionally picking your outfits based on current trends, or you’re the type to say that trends mean nothing to you, when you put on your outfit in the morning, you have created a style, your style. Whether you think about your style choices, shop weekly or yearly for fashion pieces or just basics, you create your individual style and fashion statement each and every day. Unless you are planning to run around naked everyday of your life, then the clothes you put on your body represent you, your style and so much more.

If you claim to not follow trends, or that fashion means nothing to you, and you pick up whatever sweater, t-shirt and jeans you see first, you are still creating a style. You’re displaying the choices you made that morning as soon as you walk down the stairs and out the door. Whether you spent 2 hours picking out your outfit or two seconds, or you shop at high-end department stores, thrift stores, or pull from a friends hand-me-down pile, the decision was still made to buy, keep or wear that article of clothing, and thus your fashion style for the day was born.

My favorite thing about fashion is that even though trends are constantly being created, and emphasized, you have the ability to choose what you want to wear and it can be different every day. There is nothing saying you must have the same style everyday of your life. Trends may occur in your wardrobe more than others, but there’s no reason you have to wear preppy attire everyday of your life. Style is an amazing thing; it can improve your mood, your outlook, and your abilities. It can give you comfort or strength; it can make you feel beautiful, or an important member of a group. The impact your clothing choices make reflect who you are as an individual, your interests, hobbies, beliefs and so much more. I find that idea so fascinating, and maybe that is why I have made my career in the fashion industry.

Everyday my style evolves and changes, and even though my wardrobe has certain trends and fabrics that come in to play more than others, I’m not afraid to throw a day in that’s so out of whack from my norm. Each day is different; my style reflects my mood, my activities, and my mental state. There are days I wake up feeling not as strong as I should, and I throw on clothing in an 80’s influenced rocker style consisting of leather leggings, a band t-shirt, denim vest, military boots, add red lipstick and a pair of ray bans, and my look is complete. All of a sudden I walk with confidence, more attitude, assertiveness and strength. It’s almost like creating a new identity, or pulling out and emphasizing the traits I require to get through that particular day. Other days I head to a trade show for work and pull out a classy, navy business dress and heels. Subtle makeup and delicate diamond look jewelry complete this look, and set the stage for a professional, business minded day; a day of strength, working under pressure, and absolute chaos. When I walk into my meetings with my head held high, in a dress fit to kill, I can’t help but feel strong, straight to the point, and persuasive. It’s like my sales and marketing abilities are pumped up, simply by the confidence created by throwing on the appropriate outfit.

Then there are those casual days spent with my husband, or in the woods on another adventure with my dog, Ruby. Those days are made of yoga pants, workout shirts, and hoodies. The makeup is minimal or nonexistent, my hair is either a disaster or thrown under a baseball cap. Slowing down and relaxing is hard for me, my ability to sit still is not my strong suit and I find I’m always up and down, running around or grabbing for an activity or seven! My clothing choices provide comfort; they create a sense of relaxation and no pressure. They make me feel at peace, while encouraging me to explore the outdoors when I need an escape or time for myself. Don’t think that I’m a fashionista who has to look prim and proper, always up with the latest trends. It is common place to see me in this style, as it transfers so easily into many aspects of life. With slight modifications, simply losing the hoodie, I’m ready to unwind, meditate, and throw in a yoga workout. I find peace, a calm strength, health and wellness through this style choice, and then the style adapts once again to include a ragged old t-shirt and my creativity comes to life, as I get elbow deep in dirt in my garden. Or I simply trade in the t-shirt for a golf shirt, add a puma hat and my golf shoes, and my garden style quickly turns to one of golf, and I’m off to the course. This style shows clearly what my personal and athletic interests are, just like when a person throws on a Maple Leafs jersey and heads to the game. That style choice reflects your interests, your hobbies, your passions and your lifestyle. It shows you are part of something, a fan following and a team, much like when I throw on my golf attire. If I wear golf specific clothing, it probably shows that I have an interest in that sport, and that style. The confidence created while wearing the appropriate clothing will transfer to my game and make it easier for me to play as it was created for this sport in particular, this means it will likely improve my golf game and I will score much lower than if I threw on jeans. When I’m dressed and ready for a round, it shows I’m prepared and ready to play, and that mindset can impact my game, score and mood throughout the round.

Then there are those summer days, where the sun shines down on my skin willing me to throw on that sun dress and a pair of sandals, allowing the warmth to reach right to my heart. These days and this style make me feel warm and fuzzy. I’m sweeter, and a constant smile is plastered across my face. I feel kinder and more generous, and I’m more approachable to those around me. This style makes me feel youthful, cute and free, happy yet humble, appreciative and kind. This style makes me proud to be who I am.

Then there’s a completely different style all together, when you pick out the perfect piece of lingerie, the one that fits you perfectly and makes you feel incredible. Or that new fancy bra and panty set you just picked up, and decided to throw on under your work wear instead of your beige bra and panties, that are the standard staple in every wardrobe. Anyone who takes the time to select and wear these items instantly come to life. You can’t help but have a flirty sway to your strut, you stand a little straighter, you feel sexier and on these days you feel as if your a model you see in magazine ads. You instantly radiate beauty and sex appeal, and that is what lingerie is intended to do. It’s designed to make you feel stunning, and even though no one around you understands why there is a bounce in your step, or a mischievous twinkle in your eye, you know, and that’s what matters. The confidence created by lingerie for play or every day, has the ability to transform you and I, so why not feel like a sexy supermodel, and why not exude confidence and charisma every now and then. We all deserve it.

Lastly, there’s my everyday norm, which is definitely feminine, casual yet dressy, and often has a vintage flair. I’m not afraid of a good skirt, although denim and leggings are my go-to. My style includes a range of colors and fabrications; jewel tones, brights and natural hues, and staples like loose-fitting chiffon shirts that can transfer from casual to dressy at ease, to a bold sequin shirt I found in a vintage clothing store. I’m addicted to boots, whether they’re above the knee flats, dressy ankle boots, or cowboy boots, they are essential to my everyday style. I have always described my typical style as a blend; vintage meets modern. Whether I’m rocking my vintage sequin off the shoulder shirt, a wetlook leather tank, tan shorts and studded boots, or a basic men’s white dress shirt with neon pink accents, blue jeans and dressy sandals, I feel like me and I feel at home. I’ve often thrown on a bold black and white striped dress, and paired it with a vintage inspired cardigan in a bright fresh colour. The vintage and modern pieces blend perfectly and influence me to feel more creative, more talented and more inspired than I did the day before. My love of history, antiques and creativity is represented in my style, and meets my love of clean lines, bold colours and modern art. The blend is uniquely me, it gives me strength when I walk into the office full of quickly approaching deadlines, it inspires me to create beautiful art, clothing and decor, and it reminds me of how lucky I am to be able to live my life, love and be a part of the hobbies and interests I choose to be apart of everyday.

My clothing reflects my daily decisions, my passions and the choices I make in my life. It shows who I am, what I love and creates a feeling of strength and flexibility when I need it. It brings out my personality, my self-awareness, and the confidence in my abilities when I am lacking. Some days I just get dressed and think nothing of these ideas, but depending on the unintended choices that I have made, my day and mood can be so much brighter, so much more fulfilling, simply because I embody and grow to embrace the style and character of the style choice I made that morning.

Always have fun with fashion. Play with styles and trends, notice how an amazing outfit can make you blossom and feel more confident, more beautiful and more capable than you did the day before. To create a trendy style does not mean you need to have lots of capital. I spend very little on my wardrobe compared to most, you just have to be smart when you shop. At any clothing store, vintage shop, department store or mall, there are hundreds and thousands of affordable options just waiting for you to find it. Find something that speaks to you, explore and try new things, and don’t ever think that you have to look one way or the other. Fashion is simply the clothing industry and the trends they push, style is what you do with it. Your style is uniquely you, and it is constantly adapting to your needs, growing to reflect your lifestyle, and pushing you to explore yourself and your surroundings. Be whatever you choose to be, and don’t be afraid to step outside your norm and try something new. You may just feel more beautiful and more empowered than you ever imagined.

I hope that closest of yours and everything in it, will encourage you to discover and see just how beautiful you are, how much strength and confidence is there waiting just below the surface, ready to be seen. Ultimately I hope it helps you see all the talents you have yet to discover. Happy creating, may your style be forever changing and growing alongside your beautiful life.


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