Thank you – 1000 Views!

When I began writing my blog four days ago, I must admit I was nervous. Nervous doesn’t even come close actually, I was down right petrified. The idea of speaking so freely about personal issues, struggles, tragedy and my mental health, was frightening. I had considered the idea that maybe people would be offended by my blatant honesty, or would look at or treat me differently as if I was sick or even weak. To be honest, I haven’t been this strong or happy in a very long time, and my intent for this blog was to take risks in order to help others. Whether my advice was/is useful or not, I had hoped that even my words, my experiences, my journey would allow people who are currently struggling to feel as if they weren’t alone, that there is someone else in the world who understand what they are going through, whether they knew me personally or not.

It took a lot of nerve to write and ultimately post my first blog post, and every post that followed. I was under the impression that I would probably have a total of 5-10 views in the first month, views from my supportive mother and mother-in-law , my aunts, my sisters and a couple friends. I figured they would be the only ones who would take the time to read my post, probably not even all of them, not because people don’t care, just because people are so busy, not to mention I have little to no professional training in any kind of writing.

I was worried that my words would be flat and uninspiring, that my stories would be drawn out and boring to those who weren’t apart of my everyday life. The idea that so many people have connected with my honesty, and my experiences is overwhelming. Never in my wildest dreams did I think you would bring me to over 1000 views in less than 4 days!

Never in my wildest dreams, did I think I was capable of moving people to tears, happy or sad, nor would my posts be shared or praised. I never imagined that family, friends and strangers alike would follow my pages and posts, and take an invested interest in my blog, and my struggles. I’ve even received requests to talk directly to people who are struggling, as they connected to my stories and they think I could help them, even if it’s just that I can relate. I can’t explain how humbling that is. The trust and faith people have instilled in me is overwhelming, and has changed me for the better.

I sit here writing this, tears of appreciation and love in my eyes, humbled beyond belief for each of you and your endless support, not knowing how to sincerely thank you enough for the gift you have given me.

Thank you for your thoughtful comments on my blog posts, your feedback and love on my Facebook and Instagram pages, all the personal texts, emails and messages you’ve sent. You and your words have inspired me and given me the strength and confidence to continue on my journey of trying to help others.

I love each and every one of you. Without you I would not have found the courage to take this leap of faith. Thank you for changing my life for better.

Endless thank you’s to those of you I know personally, and those of you who have met me through bees inspired for the first time. I’m excited to continue our journey together.

Humbly yours,

2 thoughts on “Thank you – 1000 Views!

  1. Jennifer Olson says:

    Thank you Bee, for your inspiration!!! Your words are wise and heartfelt. This is why you have 1000 views. Keep them coming because I look forward to reading them. Cheers to you!!!

  2. Carolyne says:

    You deserve to be heard and feel the love!! It’s such a liberating feeling when you can relate and be yourself! We’ve all had our rock bottoms & it’s people like you that help shine the light on struggle and get the conversations going 🙂

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