I’d like to introduce you to Robyn, also known as Bobbin. We all see those people on the street, or know one personally, the type of person that almost skips into your life, high on life. They appear so free and full of life, their happiness radiates and we often stand in awe wishing we had whatever it was that they seem to exude so naturally.

Bobbin is my person, the one I often find myself in awe of. Typically, people tend to look up to those who are older for guidance and wisdom, their experience giving truth to their words. In some ways I agree with that completely, and in other ways age doesn’t seem to matter, it’s presence and self-awareness that catches my eye. Bobbin is all of those things; she’s hardworking and embraces life with endless exuberance, she is sassy and quick-witted, and she’s kind yet strong. She is a person who inspires me.

Her unwavering confidence and charisma never ceases to amaze me, and I often find myself sharing her stories and speaking of her admiringly. Not only is she honest, she is motivated beyond words. For someone of the young age of 23, her motivation seems to be unmatched. She is honest and dedicated, and it shows in her work, her relationships with others and the respect she is given and demands. She is also what I would call a health fanatic, and I mean that in the most positive way possible. Her health goals are achieved only by her desire, hard work and motivation. She is at the gym every day, sometimes twice, and she’s not one of those people who attend to socialize or compare herself to others in order to make themselves feel good. She’s there to work, and work she does. She’ll shuffle into the office in the morning, many days in pain or scuffed up from her intense workout, yet the torture never seems to persuade her to take the day off, she’s back at it the following day working even harder to reach her goals. There’s no excuse to put your health and wellness second, no work trip, illness or exhaustion gets in her way – that is dedication at it’s finest.

What inspires me most about Bobbin, is her understanding of what it means to be healthy and her drive to achieve new goals. Although she is a fashionista at heart and exudes confidence and style, her goal remains the same, to be heathly, to achieve and see results. With our careers in a lingerie based fashion industry, and a constant media presence pushing the idea of being skinny on all young women, it can be hard for a young woman to feel confident in her own skin. These factors in no way show any effect on Robyn, and I’ve heard her say time and time again, that healthy does not mean starving yourself to be thin, healthy for a woman is to be active, to be strong, to be athletic, not frail. Now some people are naturally very thin, and they are real women, just like those with curves, my only point is that no matter what your weight, you should strive to be healthy, not anyone else’s idea of beauty, and that’s why I love Robyn. She is everything I wish I could be. In truth, Robyn is a major motivator in my life; she inspires and teaches me daily. She is constantly learning and discovering new things, she works towards a healthy lifestyle of clean eating, and staying fit. She loves herself and she wants to take care of her body and her mind. She goes from health book to fitness routines and back, honing her skills and her diet. When I say diet, I don’t mean she is on a weight loss diet, she just eats well. She’s also allergic to gluten, so managing her diet becomes even more challenging, yet she stays focused and it never stands in her way. I hear her speak of trying new healthy meals and recipes daily, and even creating her own recipes; sometimes they are a huge success and other times not, but no matter the result she never gives up.

She also wants to take care of and inspire those around her, and she’s not the type to push her lifestyle on anyone, but her enthusiasm on the topic almost draws people to her. I find myself looking forward to the recipes, the stories and her updates. I gobble up every bit of information she spews out. I implement as many of her healthy ideas into my life as I can, not because I want to be Robyn, but because some days she gives me the motivation I am lacking. She inspires you to want to be better for you, not for her.

Her healthy habits do not end at working out, playing sports or eating clean, they extend into every facet of her life. She becomes healthier, more environmentally friendly and self-aware every day. She uses natural products for skincare and daily routines, which has now expanded even further and become even cleaner. She is a person people should aspire to be like; she is a positive role model for everyone. If one day I should have a daughter, I wish that the media will be pushing the type of person Robyn is, not the false ideals they are now. I also wish that she should meet Robyn, because in my mind, Robyn is one of the most successful people I know, and I hope I will be able to raise a daughter half as strong as her.

Not only is Robyn focused, she is kind. She listens attentively, and remembers. You can see this as she makes sure to show you new recipes she knows are filled with ingredients you love. She’ll create meal plans and workouts designed specifically for you, if you mention that you’re interested in those things or ask her advice. She will recommend books, places to visit, things to try, not because she’s pushing her ideals on you, but because she’s excited and eager to help anyone and everyone. I feel like Robyn was put on this earth to teach, to inspire and everyday someone new falls in love with her strength and they are a little healthier, a little more confident and much happier because of it.

I hope that during your life you have the pleasure of meeting a person like Robyn. She is one major reason I was inspired to take this journey, and make changes to better myself. My goal for the future is not to be Robyn, but to achieve that same level of confidence and success, to have that endless motivation to live and be healthy, and to never stop achieving my goals. As long as Robyn is in my life, and even if over the years we drift apart, I know she will be there inspiring me every step of the way.

If after this story of Bobbin I have any advice for you, it is to look for these people in your life. Surround yourself with people who inspire, help and motivate you. These are the people who don’t force you to be something you’re not, or pressure you to “just be happy”. These are people who take your hand and help you on your journey. They inspire you to be the best you.



Check out Bobbin’s blog for some incredible health inspiration – Bobbin’s World

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